Buy from CDSG LTD

We are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with CDSG LTD. You can now buy the MIT Precision Powder Funnel from CDSG LTD for only £3.50!


CDSG Ltd have been in the gun trade since 1989 and recently branched out into reloading equipment in 2013.

They have recently become one of the main UK importers for various brands such as Lee Precision, Redding, Dillon Precision and many more.

CDSG Ltd’s online prescence has grown to accomodate international customers, along with Trade customers, national and international government bodies, gun clubs and teams such as the British F-Class team who we are very proud to sponsor.

They stock brands such as Lee Precision, Redding, RCBS, MTM Case Gard, Hornady, Lyman, Sierra, Starline, Prvi Partisan, Berger Bullets, Nosler Custom, Dillon Precision, Frankford Arsenal, Hodgdon, Vihtauvouri, Alliant, CCI, Federal, Caldwell and many more.

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